Another role I play includes being an Artistic mentor working with the Music Ensembles, Artists of various backgrounds, Universities in the fields of the Arts as Coach and facilitator, such as La Cambre, KASK, DAE Video Games School.

In the field of Private Coaching and Facilitating I have been working in Europe for Private Clients, Organisations and Training Companies. Mostly for the EU Institutions, NATO and Private Businesses.

Training and Coaching focus on Communication and Soft Skills such as Public Speaking, Presenting Skills, Feedback Giving and Storytelling for Leadership. Role Playing is also a large component of my work.

In 2022 I was awarded an Honorary Fellow of my University and asked to present the Occasion Speech below:



Here are a list of people I have worked for and some testimonials for you.

Greenhouse Group Ltd
EU Commisson / EAS / British Telecom / NATO / Johnson & Johnson

Demos Group Ltd 
EU Commission / ECHA / OSHA / EMCDDA / Spirits Europe

BICK Consortium
EU Commission / European Parliament / EEAS / EUROJUST / European Court of Auditors / CPRM

European Institutions / Conférence des Régions Périphériques Maritimes d’Europe


It is with great pleasure that I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dianne for such a long period of time.  Dianne has designed, developed and delivered projects in the field of communication (especially oral communication) as an external expert, consultant and trainer in partnership with the companies I have worked for (Demos Group & ABILWAYS Group).  She has been employed on projects of different sizes and complexity, mainly for the European Institutions and agencies.

During this period, Dianne has been fully involved in the various missions she has been assigned to and has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism to ensure that the participants in her training courses have an enjoyable and useful learning experience.

Knowledgeable, energetic and flexible, Dianne is a wonderful collaborator who has brought full satisfaction to our clients.  The feedback on her performances have always been outstanding.

I hope I will still have the occasion to collaborate on exciting projects with her within the next years to come!

Christophe HACHEZ (Project manager @ ABILWAYS)

Dianne Weller successfully coached me upon my appointment to a new high-level position for the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, on public speaking.

She was very helpful and professional on matters such as how to best use my voice, gesture, attitude, how to Iook at the audience, how to best prepare before taking the floor, the pace of the speech, what to do and not to do, etcetera.

She understood the different characteristics and specialities of the different kinds of meetings in which I operate, With a multinational audience, working with interpreters, sitting around a large roundtable.

I found the whole coaching very useful. Dianne adapted to my personality, giving frank and targeted advice, in a very friendly, practical and professional atmosphere.

We could work both in English and in French.

Therese BIanchet Director General Council Legal Service

“Dianne is an incredibly professional and passionate coach. She uplifts all potential and the strategies and lessons she has provided were inspiring and a life-changing experience. Dianne is extremely positive, supportive and motivating. I am grateful for her guidance and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic, very skilled and professional coach.”

Vilma Griksiene European Commission

“Whether you feel at ease presenting in public or not, Dianne will give you tips and tricks and the confidence boost to improve your game.”

Laure Alexandre Spirits Europe

“Dianne gave me the keys to unlock the full range of my vocal delivery. Now I know how to captivate my audience – live or via Zoom – even when I speak about technical subjects.”

Celine Chazelas-Beur Case Handler for State Aid DG Competition EU Commission

“After every meeting, Dianne’s coaching left me feeling hopeful and energised. Actively listening with care, curiosity and kindness, Dianne’s  naturally engaging style is clearly driven by a laser sharp focus to provide useful in-the-moment feedback, supported by her expertise and supplemented with her honesty, integrity and down-to-earth humour. Like me, I think you’ll leave each session with a new/ renewed piece of toolkit and confidence to conquer your next public speaking event .” 
Jason King School Teacher for the European Schools Belgium

“I met Dianne in November 2015 when she gave a workshop at my office. Dianne is a passionate speech coach who cares deeply about the speaker, the speech, and the audience. I think her biggest gift is that she inspires confidence in people. I saw a huge improvement in my public speaking ability and my confidence in front of a group thanks to her coaching skills and expertise. During the entire workshop, Dianne kept us laughing as we were forced to break out of our comfort zones.

I am sure I can speak for my colleagues as well when I say that I am now much more prepared to stand and speak in front of a room of people. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to learn how to give a professional presentation, land a new job, or simply wants to sharpen their public speaking skills. It was by far the best public speaking workshop I have ever attended. I consider myself fortunate that Dianne’s method is now part of my bag of presentation skills.”

Kyrill Kazakevicius Spirits Europe

“Notre équipe de collaborateurs a suivi la formation Public Speaking  délivrée par Dianne Weller. Suivant les commentaires reçus, les participants ont apprécié la méthode de travail et les mises en situation.

La formation est très bien menée par Dianne, qui partage son savoir avec dynamisme et un grand sens de la pédagogie. Les objectifs ont été atteints. Nous la recommandons sans hésitation.”

Martine Muret Conférence des Régions Périphériques Maritimes d’Europe

“Dianne Weller nous a donné dans trois petites sessions, des stratégies pour developper notre expression orale! Mais pas seulement! Il s’agissait surtout de découvrir l’importance des petites choses de notre corps et notre esprit qui nous y aident ou nous empêchent de dominer nos propres craintes! Une vrai aide!”

Luis Guzman ( Etudiant de Peinture de ENSAV La Cambre)

“J’aurais aimé rencontrer Dianne plus tôt. Chacune de nos séances étaient des déclencheurs et j’y ai beaucoup appris. Que ce soit du point de vue de la technique simple mais aussi cette reflection à propos de comment “embrasser” la musique, s’approprier le chant…
Des expériences enthousiasmantes, des moments qui donnent envie de chanter. Vivement la prochaine fois !

Renato Baccarat


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